Sunday, March 21, 2010


Who, me? Noooo....

Lucy was kind of a fresh baby yesterday. We did the same road/field/road route that we did on Friday, but yesterday she was really excited about it. She was very up the entire walk to the field (not crazy or spooky or really anything bad, but very tense) and she wanted to RUN when we got to the field. There were people down there at the far end target practicing with their rifles so I checked in with them first. One of them owned the property so I made sure that it was ok that I rode down there but he said "Oh I love LOVE horses! Come and ride here any time! Tell all your friends!" lol. It was very similar to the reaction that Dom and I got when we hacked to the other field when she visited, but with even more gusto. People around here are very friendly! Meanwhile, Lucy was finding it hard to stand still, so she had to learn the hard lesson of Patience. Tough day for her.

While cantering around the field after my chat with the owner, I had a little day dream about what it would be like to let that horse run. I feel like letting an ex-racehorse gallop is kind of taboo. I've heard lots of things like "they'll revert back to being a racehorse and will be really difficult to handle!", and other such stories. I know that for now, I don't feel comfortable letting her run simply because I don't think I'd be able to stop her. She gets very very strong and heavy when she wants to go and I really have to sit deeeep in the saddle and tighten my core muscles and pick her up, and that's just at a quick canter. I can't even imagine what it'd be like to stop her from a gallop.

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