Tuesday, November 16, 2010

photos from Equine Affaire

I went to the W. Springfield, MA Equine Affaire this past Saturday and really enjoyed the clinics and demonstrations, especially the two jumping clinics that I watched Denny Emerson teach. What a great horseman. I had fun wandering around the vendor booths and I spent a long time talking to SmartPak about supplements (and ended up ordering SmartCalm Ultra and SmartHoof for L), and also to Poulin. Right now she's on a 12/12 Poulin grain but it has caused her to get very hot under saddle, which the Poulin rep I talked to attributed to the higher NSC values that are in the feed I switched her to. They just came out with a new kind of grain that is 14% fat and 12% protein, but has lower NSC values and is specifically designed for horses like Lucy who need a higher fat content but don't need the extra energy from all those carbs. I began the change last night but I will be doing it over about a months time because a) the weather is changing and I don't want to put her at a risk for colic and b) I have about 3 bags left of the old grain that I've already opened and dumped into my grain bin, so I have to use them.

Here are some photos from EA:

Denny on a participants horse.

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