Saturday, July 2, 2011

a quick update: all's well in pony land

When I went to the barn today to take care of Miss Lucy, she saw me get out of the car and whinnied at me loudly :) I went over to see how she was doing and she looked so calm, almost sleepy. She was practically glowing and she seemed very content.

I wasn't able to ride today because her left front shoe is barely hanging on and so I had to call my farrier and ask him to come out asap. He will be out tomorrow to re-set her shoes and then we will be good to go. In the mean time I wrapped her foot with vet wrap and duct tape and though it doesn't look pretty, it is doing the trick!

A family stopped in at the barn, which is off a main road and so it sometimes attracts non-horsey people who are just curious. The family wanted the kids to pet the horses. Lucy was in the outdoor ring because I let her roll in there, and the family walked over and wanted to say hi to her. I was a little worried because they had a few young kids with them and I didn't know if Lucy would be good around the kids, but she walked over to them on her own accord, curious about what they were doing. I quickly grabbed some carrots and asked if the kids wanted to give her the carrots, which of course they did, so I showed them how and then gave them each a carrot. Lucy was so gentle and sweet with the children, which I never would have expected from her! She really impressed me. She gently lipped each of the carrots out of the tiny hands offering them to her, and let all of the kids pet her head. :)


  1. They plan this stuff just to confound us.

  2. Sounds like Miss Lucy is a happy camper.

  3. I think mares know "babies" when they meet them. It's the same with my dog, who is very rowdy and energetic normally. She has rarely been around children, but is totally docile and quiet when little ones approach her in the park. She will even play softly with them!

    Can't wait to see video of LuLu in her new green pastures!

  4. She' better now, but for a long time when Denali saw a small child she would rear and try to paw at them. Exibit A: The day she was running around the arena, and the barn owners kid thought it would be fun to go in with her. Denali stopped running and chased the kid into a corner (ears pinned) She hates kids. She's better now, but I still won't let small kids near her unless there is a fence between them. She loves men, hates kids.


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