Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kenny gets brave

Kenny has really taken up a renewed interest in riding. I had to run a big errand on Friday night so I wasn't around, but he went and tacked Lu up by himself, warmed her up, and rode her in the indoor. Toward the end of the ride, he decided to jump over a crossrail that he had set up. She jumped it well, so he made it a 2' vertical, which she also jumped well. He sent me a photo on my phone of the jump and told me he jumped it with Lucy and my eyes just about bugged out of my head. I was a bit concerned that Lucy is still so young and impressionable, and I didn't want her or Kenny to get hurt. He assured me that it was a positive ride, though.

On Saturday, he rode again and this time I was there to help him. She was kind of a huge brat to begin with, but he got her attention by using lots of half halts, changes of direction, and circles. They had to ride in the indoor again because the outdoor was totally saturated from all the rain we got on Friday, and Lucy is really different to ride indoors. She is stiff, she turns like a piece of cardboard, and she is more "up". She did relax after a few minutes, though. He ended up jumping her over a 2'6" vertical and they both did great. I was like, PHEW! What a nice horse. She really took care of him, listened well, and was so cute.

He rode again yesterday and this time I have photos! He "warmed her up" for me and then I rode for a few minutes.

Pretty good, huh?

First swedish oxer! What a star.

Trying out a bigger spread.
I am also very proud of the young lady who has my old pony Dreamer at my farm. They have come so far since Dreamer arrived just a couple short months ago. She started out not being able to really stay with him at the trot, has progressed to feeling comfortable enough to canter through fields and on the trails, and yesterday they jumped their first little crossrail! I was beaming...and so was she :) Dreamer was such a superstar. He is pretty much autopilot to a jump, which is great for her right now because she can focus on her position and not worry about getting to their destination. That pony is worth his weight in gold.


  1. Wow that is awesome that Kenny is loving riding again. I am amazed at his position. Has he ever jumped before? And your mare is Gorgeous!

  2. Kenny has better form over the jumps than a lot of bloggers that jump all the time! That's amazing!

  3. First: I am totally jealous of your quarter sheet.

    Second: OMG Kenny looks amazing!! He's quite the natural rider. It is so freaking cool that Lucy is grown up to the point that you can trust her to do that kind of thing. Awesome!

    Third: What's going on with the saddle pad contest?

  4. Wow! Kenny looks great, Lu is a star and that pony is ADORABLE!!

  5. Wow! I'm really impressed. Natural rider much? How long has he been riding for?

  6. Amy, he jumped my old lease horse a few times but that was almost three years ago, and he really hasn't ridden much at all in the past two years. He is a natural!

    Sprinkler, I have been COVETING that quarter sheet forever and I had two coupons to SmartPak that I used to finally buy it. I got it for under $50 with the coupons. I felt like I won the lottery...ridiculous, I know.

    The saddle pad contest ends this Friday! I am very excited!

    Kelly, he has been riding off and on since we met six years ago, but more off than on. He tends to take long breaks and then get back into it. He decided last week that he wanted to ride again and after not riding for almost three years, he is jumping my 5yo OTTB over a 2'6" vertical within a week of getting back in the saddle. Pretty good!

  7. I think I see another horse in your future :) It is fun to be able to share your love of riding and be able to talk horses without boring your husband/boyfriend to death!

  8. Holy cow! Kenny is amazing!!! Does he have any idea how many lessons most folks have to take to ride half as good as he does?
    Terry at Moondance


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