Thursday, April 19, 2012

and the shoes go back on

I have failed miserably at blogging this week. Kenny and I started some work in our front yard and between my day job, Cairo, and the yard work, I really haven't had much time to ride or blog.

The biggest change this past week was that Lucy got her feeties done on Saturday, and I asked the farrier to put hind shoes back on her. She's shod all the way around now and she is doing great! We took it easy for the first few days because when the farrier trimmed her feet, he found a lot of bruising, but she has seemed happy and comfortable with increasing the workload over the course of the week. Both Lauren and I have had some awesome rides both in and out of the ring, including jump schools over the XC jumps and the stadium-style jumps, gallops on the trails and in the fields, trail rides with the dog, and some really lovely flat work.

a trail ride

Cairo "helping" me

The front of the house, almost completed
This is a video of my ride earlier in the week:

Last weekend, I went to Massachusetts to support my friend and fellow blogger Hannah, from I'm All Ears. She competed her horse Tucker in the Valinor combined test, and Lauren and I went to go cheer her on and take photos and video for her. She competed in SJ and Dressage, and then schooled out on the XC course with some friends. There are more photos on her blog, but here are a few from that day:

Tucker's tidy hind end in Stadium

this paint horse was not a fan of the coffin!

Tucker was all business out on XC

One of the final jumps of the day...MASSIVE!


  1. Super cool pictures. Glad you and Lu are well.

  2. I love that first picture of Tucker's hind legs. It's so artsy and and a very neat perspective!

    1. thanks Mare! I quite like it too! :)

  3. Lucy's looking good.
    Great xc photos!

  4. You got some awesome pictures. Glad to hear Lucy is doing well with her new shoes!

  5. I thought/blogged that we'd clobbered the ins -- but that picture suggests otherwise! Unless we'd already flung the rail out of frame? :-p

    1. I am not sure, sorry :( I thought you had taken a rail on one of the diagonal lines, and then the A jump on the far side of the ring.

  6. Hey, you're a better blogger than I am! Over a month now and my once-a-week rides are too boring to mention! Way too busy with the house and barn (and yard!) to ride/blog. Glad to hear Lucy's got her feeties back. Daatje is exactly the opposite. She goes like crap in shoes and prefers to be barefoot. They're all so different. :)


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