Thursday, August 9, 2012

pony rides

My little three year old nephew is here visiting this weekend with his mom (Kenny's older sister), his dad, and his baby sister. He is a huge fan of cowboys and recently went to a petting zoo where there were ponies, and decided he loves ponies. Then my sister-in-law told him that when they came to visit, he would see Lucy, and she said he was so excited. Well, today was the day they arrived and as soon as I got out of work, I drove to the barn to meet them there so that he could see Lucy.

Lucy gently lipped carrots from his tiny hands, stood stock still while he brushed her, and even gave him a pony ride (with me holding on to him of course!). I was really proud of her - she knew she had precious cargo! His mom, dad, and Kenny were all close-by in case anything went wrong, but she was extra careful and very quiet. As soon as he got off, I jumped her around a bit and she was kind of a terror, but she didn't put a foot wrong while he was aboard. What a good girl.

explaining how to steer

because I was holding onto the kid with one hand, I had to basically
neck-rein to steer...and she did GREAT! I was like, hey, where did you
learn that?!

the jumps were already set up in the ring and he said at one point,
"let's do some jumps!"

um, sorry, that may have to wait til next week ;)

also, what is going on with my stirrups?!?! one is at least 2" longer than
the other.

actually here my stirrups look ok...maybe I was just sitting way off-centre?

these photos don't accurately convey the 'tude I got from her, but at least
she jumped well!


  1. Amazing what horses will do around little ones! Good girl Lucy!

  2. Gotta love those TB girls. They always know what they're carrying. :)

  3. They do TOTALLY know when there is a little one to not screw around, don't they!! :)

  4. What a dream ride. She knew she had precious cargo. Maybe her attitude after was her celebrating how well she did LOL

  5. So agree with other! Love that they know when they have precious cargo on board!!!


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