Sunday, March 24, 2013

pretty girl

Somedays, I have to deal with hormonal rage Lucy. Other days, like today, I am blessed with a sweet and loving mare.

an hour of grooming, and I missed this one spot.

such a beautiful girl

She happened to look very sound, too, but I have decided at this point to wait until I see the lyme test results before putting her back into work. If she has a raging case of lyme, asking her to go around in circles probably won't make her a happy camper.

The weather was so beautiful today that I took Cairo to the beach. She had so much fun.

someone had written "LOVE" with seashells


  1. Love the pictures, they look so professional and artistic!
    Lucy is looking lovely! Hope that the lymes test is negative, and Lucy is on the mend soon!
    Cairo looks so regal, love the seashells. :)

  2. Cairo is so photogenic!
    Here's to Lucy being sweet lovable Lucy all the time...

  3. Cairo and Lucy are stunning :)

  4. Love the pictures! The 2nd to last of Cairo is my favorite!

  5. Oh mares... good thing she's drop dead gorgeous.

  6. Love the pictures! She looks like such a sweetie. Sorry to hear about whats been happening with her at the moment hope its all sorted out soon.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Lucy looks great!

  8. The seashell LOVE is awesome.

  9. Lucy really is the type of horse that makes you stop and go "Wow!, that is one beautiful animal!" She's absolutely lovely. I love the beach pics, it looks like Cairo had a good time too.


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