Monday, May 12, 2014

Yellow Light

The super rides continued all week until Saturday, when she warmed up fine and then had a good sized spook at the scary corner of the ring (every ring has a scary corner!). I sent her forward and immediately thought she felt a bit odd. I asked someone else who was also riding what she thought and she said she also thought Lucy looked NQR, but there was no real "lameness" and no head-bob. I think she just tweaked something but I opted to play it very safe, so I cooled her out and put her away after a date with the hose. It was warm that day and she seemed to like the water. She even tried to drink it right out of the hose.

My plan was to ride today to see how she felt after a two day break, but it has turned out to be kind of a hectic day so realistically, I may not be able to ride.

My friend Cassie brought her horse Wind to the farm for a little two week tune up with Maddy. I am really excited to have them there! Maddy's horse is down at another farm for the two weeks getting his own tune up with the cowboy that re-started him last year. It's kind of like a game of musical ponies, but it's nice that all the horses are getting a good foundation on them for what will hopefully pan out to be a fun year!

Maddy and I are planning on going to a hunter pace in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited. I hope Lucy behaves herself.

Thank you for all the nice Mother's Day wishes yesterday :) I had a wonderful day. My parents visited and took us out to lunch and then we all hung out at the house. Here's a photo of my mum, myself, and Hannah:


  1. I love the photo of you, your mom, and Hannah. So cute!

  2. Great photo! Hope Lucy is A-ok when you ride next.

  3. Oh what a sweet photo!
    Yep, I'm hoping Lucy is fine too.

  4. Happy Mothers Day!

    Hope some rest gets Lu as good as new again.

  5. Beautiful family! Hoping Lucy is fine after a rest!


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