Sunday, November 15, 2009

A visit from the grandparents

Today was a successful ride because my parents came to see Lucy and I did not die. That right off the bat is success in my book! But in addition, we got some great progress in the canter, i.e. steering while cantering. She is way too nimble and intelligent, though. She has figured out that while going around in a circle, if she wants to switch direction, she just changes her lead (I have NOT taught her to do that!) and then drags me to the outside. This caused us to have a few "discussions" but by the end of the ride I was just giving her ridiculous outside support around the circle with my outside leg and I was not letting my outside shoulder collapse, and she seemed to understand that these cues meant "stay on the damn circle, horse!".

I rode her for about half an hour and as always, ended on a good note. She was really hot, anyway. It was almost 70 degrees here today and very muggy, and of course she's halfway done growing a winter coat. My friend Samera had come to watch me ride also (as had Jenny...I love that my friends are interested in meeting my horse!!) and she asked if she could have a pony ride. I figured as long as I was leading Lucy it would be ok. She was pretty tired so I couldn't imagine her doing anything stupid, so Samera got a leg up and we just walked around in a little circle, then she hopped off. I untacked Lucy, brushed her out, and we all went on a walk to cool out down the road. My parents brought Cassie with them and so the dog was happy that she got to go for a little walk.

A video from today.


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