Thursday, April 29, 2010


This week has been slow and unproductive. We've had lots of rain and temperatures ranging from the 30's to the 50's, and the horses spent most of the week inside. I rode L on Tuesday and it was a terrible ride, but what does one really expect from a 4yo who has been pent up all week? Poor thing has completely shed out her winter coat out so she's had to also wear her blanket again.

Today is looking a bit better, and aside from it being quite windy, the sun it out and the temperature is back in a reasonable range. I really need to ride every day for the remainder of the week before the RISPCA ride event on Sunday. This will be L's first time in a trailer since the day I bought her so let's hope that she behaves herself! One of the bonuses of having an OTTB is that you know they're used to being shipped all over the place. I am not expecting any drama from her, though she may get excited at the ride. One of the reasons I took her to the show a few weekends ago was so that I could get an idea of how she would act around a bunch of strange horses. She was totally fine and her only issue revolved around the ring not having a gate on it, but this weekend's event is a nice long trail ride and ironically my little racehorse is much more at home on the trail than in a ring.

I did a ton of disgusting horsey laundry last night. I soaked everything in piping hot water with some detergent and some OxiClean (best stuff ever) for a long time before throwing the pads in the wash, and it seems to have worked well. Only a white baby pad had to go through the wash cycle twice, the second time with a touch of bleach added. So now our gear will be nice and fresh for the weekend.

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