Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lucy the Highschool Cheerleader

If Lucy were human, she'd be a highschool cheerleader. She'd have long, straight, dark hair and big brown eyes. She'd also have all the football players in the palm of her hand.

There are almost equal geldings to mares at my barn, but for some odd reason, the geldings REALLY like Lucy. When she's turned out in her paddock, she's between two fantastically handsome hunters: Jake and Gabe. Jake is a talk dark and handsome warmblood who is rather laid back as if he knows the world is already his, and Gabe is a sensitive redhead OTTB whose good looks seem to have all the ladies (human and equine) looking his way. Lucy hangs out in the paddock between the two geldings and I have observed her first hand going to Gabe to flirt and share some hay with him, as Jake looks forlorn and lonely (and a tad jealous, but he's not the type to get up in arms about it) in his paddock. Then once she's had her fun with Gabe, she saunters across the paddock to Jake, and as Gabe's irritation increases she lips at Jake with her little doe eyes big and innocent.

It's a SHAM! But I can't say I don't stand there and laugh my butt off at the whole exchange.

Even better is when she comes in during the afternoon from turnout for dinner (or pony torture, depending on my energy level). By the time she comes in, most of her boyfriends are already in their stalls. Jake and Gabe are on the other side of the barn, but that's ok because she has love interests all over the place. First on the left by the barn entrance is a handsome and distinguished older grey named Spanky and despite being the object of attention for her back feet when she got them stuck in the fence trying to knock his lights out, he is STILL head over heels for her. When we're approaching the barn, he nickers at her expectantly, like "oh maybe today she'll say hi!". As we walk past, he gets a little more desperate sounding. Then once he realizes it's just another day of rejection, he gets downright pissed off. Poor dude. I just keep asking him, Spanky, don't you remember when she tried to kill you?!

Further down on the left, next to her stall, is a new drop dead gorgeous QH named Gunner. This guy is a looker. Fresh off the truck from Ohio, he looks like he just walked out of an old time western movie set. He has the swagger that only a beautiful silver grullo QH can have, and he has a nice butt. Lucy and I have similar preferences so of course we both like him; she just *really* likes him. He has decided she's the one for him, and he nickers constantly for her. When her stall door is open and she can stick her head out, she spends the entire time kissing his nose through the feeding hole in his stall. He nickers for her the entire time she's out working in the ring, and pricks his little ears when she comes back in again and gets all excited. Too cute, my friends, too cute.

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  1. Too funny. Promise has a boyfriend across from her, Rapkyn, and beside her, Ruler. She and Ruler go out with a couple of other boys, but apparently they only have eyes for each other. If I have her out in the arena or round pen, Ruler goes nuts, calling for her. And when I bring her back, both boys start whinnying and vying for her attention. She actually called back to Rapkyn the other day, which was surprising. I hardly ever hear her talk. :)


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