Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recovering well

Lucy is feeling like her old self, as she demonstrated yesterday by taking off bucking when I turned her out in the ring. I haven't ridden her yet because I wanted her to be back up to normal grain rations before adding a workout into the mix. The day after the colic she got 1/4 of her normal breakfast and one flake of hay in the AM, and then the same for dinner. I then increased the rations each day bit by bit, and as of yesterday she was back on normal rations. I also have been making her normal PM mash really soupy, which doesn't seem to phase her. I've also been soaking her hay.

I also started her on electrolytes, which I should have started back in March, but just didn't think about it. The electrolytes replenish what she loses in salt and minerals via sweating, and also encourages her to drink a bit more.

She has been drinking and eating well, and her stall has been quite disgusting so I think everything is back in working order.

One disheartening thing is that it took me ages to put weight on this horse and she was finally looking good, and because of the decreased grain this week, she dropped quite a bit of weight. That's disappointing for me to say the least.

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