Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lucy the un-trail horse

Lucy was not feeling the trail horse vibe yesterday but unfortunately I wasn't sure of this until we were already 45 minutes into the ride. We went to a nearby farm with a huge trail system and she was a hot tamale as soon as we stepped on the property. She actually got set off by a huge landscaping truck pulling a huuuuge trailer with trees on it (and yeah, I'll admit that was pretty scary looking) but then it got worse when on the property we encountered a huge greenhouse with a flapping door and a random Jamaican guy on a bike.

Said Jamaican guy also came up behind us when we were on the trail. First we were walking fairly calmly down the trail, alone in our thoughts, and then we were flying forward, hind end tucked up under front, head way up in the air and ears pinned back. It was kind of a "well, CRAP!" moment and I glanced back as we were flying forward to see what the hell had spooked her. There was this Jamaican guy with his red bike peddling madly along the trail, and he continued to come up behind us as Lucy is channeling her inner Lipizzaner:

I called out to him to stop (PLEASE!) while I got the horse under control, and I spun her around so that she could see him pass us. She was happy once she saw it was just a bike and not a horse eating monster with an odd hat. The guy works at the farm, as I later found out on our way home when we saw him again and stopped to chat, and his last thing to do each day is ride his bike down the trails and check on all the crops that are in fields interspersed around the property.

We also saw about 30 turkeys, all crossing the path together in a giant gobbling herd, and she had no issue with those at all, which I of course find hilarious.

But after that, she was actually really good.


  1. Aw, Lucy the Lippizan. It's cool when you buy one horse and find out they are also secretly a second breed. ;-)

    Maybe you can channel some of that energy more constructively at a later date.

  2. And I really doubt I could have gotten a Lipizzaner for $800! So I can't complain, really. I'm just waiting for her to grey out.

    Yes hopefully she can channel that energy over some jumps but in a manner that doesn't make me grow grey hairs at 24.


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