Saturday, June 2, 2012

down to the boat launch

There is a lovely boat launch just a 20 minute walk through the trails from my barn. We go there often on trail rides but now that the weather has picked up, it's hot enough to actually go *in* the water.

Since Lucy has shown lots of interest in going deeper in the water when we've gone to the beach, Lauren and I thought she might go swimming off the boat launch. She was not as confident as she is at the beach, though. It could have been because the boat launch is slatted concrete and she may not have felt comfortable with the footing, or it could be that the boat launch ends somewhat abruptly and there seems to be a 6" drop off the last section down to the bottom of the lake. Lauren got her to put her hind feet down on the lake bottom, but not her front feet. Oh well, maybe another time!

I rode Brantley, the horse we recently re-started under saddle, and he did great. He's been going out on short trail rides and gets more and more confident each time.

down the trail toward the boat launch. Kenny met us there to take photos.
Cairo had just spotted him here and was about to make a beeline for him!

Brantley was so good - he went right in the water.


she was standing off the edge of the boat ramp here, so you can see how
low her hind end is compared to her front end.

Cairo offers some assistance. Lucy is skeptical.

Cairo decides not to mess with the horse!

I have been so frustrated by Lucy's weight lately. That horse is like a
bottomless pit. I just increased her grain yesterday and I really hope
her metabolism slows down at some point :(

Cairo met a small Dachsund puppy and made friends.

"you're sooooo big!"

Brantley's sweet face


  1. dawww the puppy = adorable!

  2. Lucy is just so darn pretty.

  3. This is such a summery and awesome post. Loved these on FB. I need to take ponies swimming!

  4. Love the puppy and Cairo pic. So sweet!

  5. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun. I want to try that with Pippi this summer(:


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