Thursday, July 5, 2012

get fat; get happy

A nice solid week off did Lucy some good, I think. She is rounder and had decompressed from the event and the clinic. She got her feet done on Tuesday and since I had the 4th off of work, I decided yesterday was a good day to get back in the saddle, but it was too hot to do ring work. A trail ride after a week off? No biggie. A trail ride in the snaffle without lunging first after a week off? Ehh not a great idea. She wasn't the worst she's ever been, but she did try to romp a bit, and since I was using the snaffle, I had no leverage to get her head up. We cantered for a good amount of time but in the end we walked more than anything. Next time I will ride her in the Kimberwicke!

we survived! (did I mention the bugs were
TERRIBLE? her fly mask had blood on the ears
when I took it off - those nasty biting flies
bit her right through the fabric)
I am trying to sort out an XC schooling day on Saturday - hopefully that pans out and it's not a gazillion degrees!


  1. The biting flies sound nasty!
    Hope the xc day happens, and Lucy is a star.

  2. Pippi is very fat in my opinion. Very out of shape. I bet Lucy still looks great.


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