Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lucy behaves!

One thing that has been pretty odd as my pregnancy progresses is how little time I spend actually working with my horse. Amanda and Maddy have continued working with her, of course, but most days when I go to the barn, I just do my chores, give her a few cookies, and head home.

I really miss riding but mostly I miss spending time at the barn. Granted, it's quite chilly right now so it's not exactly weather I'd like to be hanging around in if I'm not keeping warm by riding, but some days, I still want to go and just do something with the horse.

So tonight I worked with her on the ground while Maddy rode Brantley. As we were going through the groundwork exercises, three other horses came into the ring (so there were five horses including our two) and it was a packed house! Lucy had been pretty good up until that point but also was a brat about a few things, so when all these horses came into the ring and were all zooming around her, I was waiting for an explosion.

She totally impressed me, though, and stood quietly while everyone else rode around us. Two of the horses (not Brantley) were actually pretty naughty including some spooking and some rearing, but she didn't react badly at all. She watched them carry on but stood like a rock. When I asked for her attention, she was ready to listen immediately. I was super proud of her! For once, she wasn't the bad horse!

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a bit of a break with the temperature, thank goodness!! We deserve a day above freezing.


  1. I love when they surprise us in the good way :)

  2. Yay Lucy!

    How are you feeling? Hope that the pregnancy is treating you well :)

  3. She knows you have a baby and she's taking care of you! ;) animals have a sixth sense, I swear!
    My horses are in my backyard and my whole pregnancy I fed them myself- except some mornings when I'd sleep in my fiance did it for me. ;) Even in the snow- i used those rubber and wire gripper things on the bottom of my boots and didnt slip or fall once. I love feeding my horses and checking on them morning and night and was determined to do it! They had a farrier apt when I was like 8 months and fiance had to hold Luna because she's still learning to be good for the farrier and fusses around. :) glad you got some time with Lucy it will keep you sane these final months I got soooooo uncomfortable!


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