Saturday, April 12, 2014

Winter Lucy is on her way out

Oh hi! No, I'm not dead, though my body tried that several times. I had so many complications beyond the initial issues after Hannah's birth, it was ridiculous. I was in the hospital two additional times and finally ended up having surgery two weeks ago. That seemed to really do the trick, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. This week I actually got approved to be a human again! I can now go for walks, spend time outside, do housework, etc. I have never been so happy to go to the grocery store! It's insane.

Hannah is doing wonderfully, though she has developed an issue with colic, and also has reflux. I'm not sure which is less fun: a colicking horse, or a colicking baby. Both suck. She's on some medication now that is helping her (and us! no one likes to be up with a screaming child all night!) and I hope she grows out of it fast.

I went to the barn twice this week; once to watch Amanda ride Lucy, and then again today to do stalls as a little surprise for Maddy :D

Amanda and Lucy have been having great ride after great ride and I am confident that Summer Lucy has made a triumphant return! I plan on getting on her tomorrow or Monday. Spring shots are on Monday but if I can coordinate someone to watch Hannah, I'll get out there before the vet does and hopefully at least walk around.

Here are some photos from Amanda's ride:

first, a photo with Baby Hannah!

I love how soft Lucy looks through her body here :)


  1. You are looking great and baby Hannah is sooooooo cute! Yay for summer Lucy, hope you can have many many wonderful rides on her this year!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the three of you! And Lucy looks great!

  3. Love the pics with Hanna, and Lucy looks amazing, yay for warm weather Lucy!

  4. Looking good!!! Our oldest child was a colicky baby - it has been 23 years ago, but we still remember :) It will pass - hang in there!


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