Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a quick lunge to test soundness...

...ended up being a lesson about manners and listening!!

On the upside, she was totally, completely, 100% sound.

On the downside, the cool weather and a few easy days had her high as a kite.

Here, have some really fun video stills!

This first one is obviously of inexcusable behaviour, and it has been a LONG time since she pulled a stunt like this, but it was a very quick up and down, back to work. She didn't offer to do it again and I made it VERY clear that I didn't think it was cute or funny.

Channeling her inner Stephen Colbert, Lucy says, "I just wanna DANCE!"
[And yes I am lunging in a white button down work shirt and a skirt.
This is the reality for a rough boarder who works full time.]
Her other really cool move was deciding that trotting in circles is for BABIES, and she needed to jump a jump. I had her on a 15m circle that went in front of this little barrel with some guide poles. We had been working on this path for about ten minutes with no problems, well, minus the war horse move pictured above, which I quickly dealt with. During one of her trips around the circle, she deliberately aimed for the jump and jumped it sideways, so across the length of the barrel and over both poles!!

After that little trick, I put her on a 10m circle and we readdressed listening, manners, and personal space.



  1. Hahaha... excellent! I'm glad it's not just me with the fresh, fresh horse in this cooler weather. I had this lunge session last week. It is just you, however, in the skirt and blouse. You are the world's most elegant equestrian blogger!

  2. I love that you look so relaxed about her antics!

  3. haha, love her War Horse moves! btw, I think your red skirt and green wellies is charming equestrian chic ;) Perhaps inspiration for me to stop wearing all my oldest and ugliest clothes to the barn.... ! :)

  4. My guy has been super fresh the past few days too!

  5. Holy cow! She is feeling gooood! Such a pretty girl, even while she's being, er, bad.

  6. I wonder if she'll be like Ozzy and magically grow a brain at 10.

  7. Ha! Clearly her tootsies were a none issue after all! She makes for great photos :)


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