Thursday, September 13, 2012

whiskers, dapples, and hot chocolate

I just love this time of year. Lucy's chocolate-coloured winter coat peeking through her sunbleached summer coat, the bugs subsiding, the cool weather sliding in, the humidity level falling, and the leaves on the trees hinting at golds and reds all make me feel nostalgic and content.

Lucy has been so good lately. With the cooler weather, I always worry that Winter Lucy will return. While I'm sure that she will perk up once it gets really cold, for now she seems simply content and happy to do whatever. We've been keeping a good balance between ring work and hacking out in the fields and on the trails. Earlier in the week I took her out for a breeze through the very field she bucked me off in not too long ago, and she was superb. I even rode her in the snaffle! Today, we had a short and sweet 20 minute school in the outdoor ring. I think she is in heat because as soon as I started asking things of her, she pinned her ears and gave me some attitude. I stayed consistent and didn't waver in what I was asking and she got over herself, but the attitude thing kind of surprised me, since she has been so happy to work lately. We'll chalk it up to hormones and hope it subsides in the next few days ;)

mare 'tude...I was like, you are preaching to the choir, Lucy!

that's better.
Here are some more photos from today - she got to have some fun in the paddock. She is a pleasure to watch move. I sometimes look at her and think, wow, she is a NICE horse. She looked so happy and free out there zooming around tonight.

I just love her whiskers

that horse can move!


  1. She is a beautiful horse with a lovely hind end reach! Lucky girl!

  2. She sure is pretty! I am looking forward to fall, too!

  3. Love the first trot pic of you and Lucy - nice reach!

  4. That's some serious hock action!

  5. She is LOVELY!!!! I love the Fall coats of bunny fur too :)


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