Thursday, December 2, 2010

cruel :(

UPS tried to deliver the new Stubben today but since no one was home (Kenny and I were both at work...damn, I should have played hooky!) and the packaged needed a signature, they couldn't leave it! BUMMER! :(

They left a note saying they'd try again tomorrow, and I know Kenny doesn't have to be at work until noon so hopefully he'll be here for it! If not, I signed the release on the note saying they could just leave it on the front step. Thank goodness we live on a quiet dead end street in a nice town :)

Lucy...well don't even get me started. The freshness is continuing. L (her leaser) rode her today and she wrote an email to me to tell me Lucy was a PITA the entire time. We KNOW L's saddle fits her so I'm thinking it's one of three things:

a) Lucy really IS just a gigantic monster of a horse with a bad attitude
b) Something is pinched in her back/SI/neck/poll, and in that case it's just a waiting game until the chiropractor can actually make it out here (hurry up Mr. Chiropractor! pleasseee!)
c) Ulcers *shudder*

Good thing she's insured, because if the chiropractic adjustment doesn't create stunning and magical changes, I'm going to book an appt for her to get scoped. Now won't THAT be fun?!

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  1. If you suspect an ulcer, and don't want to scope her, you can try giving her some Pepto Bismal or Mylanta or something similar in her feed. If it's an ulcer, it should have an almost instant effect on her attitude, and you can treat from there.


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