Thursday, December 30, 2010

A real update

This week I decided that it was time to get back in the saddle. Between the holidays, the blizzard, and my general laziness, Lucy sat around all last week. I will be honest: I wasn't looking forward to that first ride. Some horses come back from a week or two off refreshed and ready to put 100% effort into the task at hand. Lucy comes back an absolute maniac.

Knowing that I was in for an interesting ride, not only did I turn her out in the ring for a while and let her run around, but I also lunged her. I should add that the horses didn't go out for three straight days, so needless to say she was quite full of herself when I turned her out. She could hardly wait for me to unclip the leadrope before she squealed, spun, and leapt into the air! I was like, have a good time and make sure to get it out of your system before I get on! Unfortunately even after all of that prep time, she was still VERY naughty under saddle, so much so that I got back off and lunged her again. She was like ADD child to the extreme and it took me a while to even get her attention! After another fifteen minutes or so of lunging I got back on and we were doing ok until my husband let Cairo run into the ring (by accident, but still!) and Lucy got FREAKED out and I almost ate it. I wasn't happy!

It was basically a terrible session from the start, but I was determined to end it on a positive note, which I did manage to accomplish. I just hoped that was going to be the token bad ride when bringing this horse back into work that I've come to expect, and wouldn't turn into a theme in our future rides!

Thank goodness that she was AWESOME tonight. I actually trotted her around on a pretty loose rein and she maintained her own pace! She even seemed happy under saddle. I was really pleased!!

She also got new shoes yesterday and I had my farrier put snow pads on so that she could go out in the snow we have right now and not have issues with it balling up in her feet.

Here she is trotting in the outdoor with her new snow shoes :)

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  1. i always hate that first ride back. Mine are usually crazy as well.


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