Thursday, December 9, 2010

gravity wins

Here I was hoping I'd have a new horse after her adjustment, and then she straight up dumped me in the indoor last night. She spooked at something in the aisle and spun to the right and then took off bucking. With no reins to get some leverage with, I lasted for three bucks and then went off to the left and landed on my face. I didn't even put my hands out to catch my fall :( I think I was still trying to hold on to the horse. When I landed the right side of my face was smooshed into the dirt and then my lower back, butt, and legs got flipped upward but because of the position of my head and shoulders the lower half of me just flopped back down into the dirt. It was one of the worse falls I've had simply because I saw the ground coming towards me and then SPLAT, there it was.

I am so sore today and very tired. Not sure if it's a bit of a concussion or the remnants of the 2 muscle relaxers I took at 6pm but I have been falling asleep all day at work. I have a little black eye and my forehead and jaw are very sore. My entire right side is sore and my lumbar spine is sore to the touch. I was so stunned by the fall that I laid there with my face in the dirt crying for a couple of minutes. A fellow border was there and came running in and grabbed Lucy for me. Lucy ran around the ring once and then came over and stood there like "oh man, I am in so much trouble" with her head down looking very concerned.

After I wiped the dirt off my face (I had it up my nose, all in my mouth, in my ear, and plastered all over the side of my face) I did a little self-check and determined nothing was broken so an ambulance wasn't necessary. I got myself together and got back on. We walked once around and that was it.

It sucked :(


  1. Ouch!! It's probably good you didn't try to catch yourself, I broke my wrist doing that coming off of Promise in a jumping lesson one night. Moved a wall about a foot and a half with my head, too! You might need a chiropractor yourself!

    And maybe she feels REALLY good after her adjustment and decided to be silly and full of herself.

    Feel better soon.

  2. This makes me want to cry for you *hugs* Hot bath?

  3. Oh no...those day SUCK!!! I'm sorry..but good thing it sounds like your pride was hurt more than any serious injury...


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