Saturday, May 12, 2012

Event countdown

My first event is coming up just about a week away (next Sunday) so I sat down last night after having a fabulous jump school to figure out what my plan was.

I've been trying to prepare without drilling Lucy to keep her attitude positive. When we practice dressage, I school the individual parts of the test instead of doing the whole test, because a friend warned me that she would start to memorize the pattern and anticipate the next movement. When we jump, I've been warming up with individual jumps but then building it up into courses.

On Monday, we are trucking out for a cross country lesson at a farm about an hour away. I took the day off from work and I am SO excited! A few other people from my barn are going and I am so thrilled to be part of a barn where other people also want to go out and school XC. The lesson rate is very reasonable since it's a group lesson. Personally I love group lessons because I learn as much watching other people as I do practicing myself.

So my plan for the next week is:

Today: trail ride
Tomorrow: dressage school
Monday: XC lesson
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday and Thursday: Lauren rides, so I will clean and condition my tack, and take my saddle pads home to wash them
Friday: jump school
Saturday: my friend C is coming to kick both our butts in dressage! I can't wait!!
Sunday: show!

As I said, we jumped last night. She was really, REALLY good. She wanted to rush but she listened and we got some really nice distances. Was it perfect? NOPE. But I feel confident that we won't make complete fools of ourselves at the event.


  1. Lovely pics, best of luck at the event.

    But you might tighten up that chinstrap so your brain bucket stays on when you need it to.

    1. excellent observation!! I will do that tomorrow!

  2. lookin good! hope this week goes awesome!

  3. I'm excited for you!
    Gotta love those pink bell boots!


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