Thursday, October 17, 2013

adventures in equine photography

What a beautiful fall day!

How perfect is the light to take some photos!

Easy peasy, right?

See those burrs in the bottom right corner of the photo?

Yeah...about fifty of them ended up in her tail two seconds
after I took this shot.

Commence ten minute burr busting break.

Ok, back in the paddock. Put your game face on, Lucy!



Now stay away from those burrs!

Also, RIP to half a jar of Mrs. Pasture's Horse Cookies, which Lucy figured out how to tip over and demolish before I could get to her.



  1. Ha, that's pretty much how horse photos go...

  2. Love these pictures! I need to bring my camera out to the farm and get some good shots of Hue too.

    She's adorable - also the leaves are gorgeous!

  3. This is hilarious. I love how her personality shines through.

  4. I feel the pain after looking through the pics my sister took at the horse show. 147 pictures just to get TWO good shots. UGH! Silly horses!

  5. So cute! Her star and strip kinda reminds me of Secretariat's markings. It seems like you had a excellent photo shoot, other than having to do the long, tedious task of picking burs out of Lucy's tail.

  6. Haha I loved this. She's adorable.

  7. That new camera is working out really nicely for you!


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