Thursday, October 3, 2013

cookies are important. very important.

Not too long ago, I participated in a giveaway over at Polar Square Designs, along with a super group of horsey entrepreneurs. I gave away a custom horse portrait and as I got to know the group of creative horse enthusiasts I was now a part of, I started to really admire their work! I am a huge sucker for cute and fun horse treats and Melinda from Nicker Bait was also part of the contest. I checked out her website and honestly wished *I* was a horse so I could enjoy all of her delicious looking treats.

from left to right, going clockwise: Banana Chip, Tummy Bling,
and Pumpkin Candy Corn treats

After the contest ended, I ordered four bags of treats from her, three to give away to friends and one for Lucy. I ordered two of the Pumpkin Candy Corn bags, one of the Tummy Bling bags, and one of the Banana Chip bags. Today was Official Taste Test day and Maddy and I enlisted the "help" (ha ha) of all three horses: Lucy, Brantley, and Pretty (the little chestnut Arab mare). The fourth bag was for my barn owner's horse, Merlot, and he loved his candy corn treats!

I started with Lucy and lined all three different kinds of treats up while practically having to shove her away. She knew it was treat time! Once I had them all lined up on the ground I let her go over to them. She ate the Tummy Bling treat first, which is great, because I got that specifically for Princess Lulu.

concentrating very hard on the deliciousness of Tummy Bling

Next she went for the Pumpkin Candy Corn treat, which she gobbled down and then licked her lips. She liked that one!

Next she took a big bite of the Banana Chip treat...and spit it right out lol. Historically, she has always HATED anything banana so I am not surprised at all that she didn't like that treat. Pretty was over in her paddock pacing around like, GIMME THAT TREAT! I went over to her paddock and she tried the treat and loved it. She really likes banana flavoured stuff and even eats whole bananas, and I had gotten the Banana Chip treats just for her so that worked out well!

Princess Dishy Face about to find out that bananas really aren't her thing.

Brantley loved all the treats, which is great because he doesn't like certain cookies so I wasn't sure what to expect!

Overall these treats were a hit AND they are totally adorable AND a small-business owner is the mastermind behind them. Really, there's no reason not to love them.

I didn't get paid to write this review, but I hope more people try Nicker Bait for their horses or as gifts for their horsey friends :)


  1. Very cool. I am trying to lower hues treat intake so he will be on a cookie fast until he learns some better manners but maybe hell get some for Xmas :) Love the pictures and how fun that you guys did a taste test with the horses!

  2. For a horse who hates peppermints, B makes up for it in loving candy corn. Definitely awesome treat for the farrier visits. They break up like the treats we use at the animal hospital.

  3. Those are super cute treats! I might get some for Scruffy, although he can be a bit picky. I know he definitely doesn't like carrots.


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