Friday, October 25, 2013

once again I am a blogger failure

Funny thing is, lots has been going on!! Let's have a catch-up post:


Obviously the most important thing here: the Queen Bee. She is doing GREAT. She and Amanda have been trail riding mostly because the weather has been so beautiful and it's hard to resist the trails when the leaves are turning a beautiful golden orange colour, the soft wind is breezing through, the days warm up to the low 60's after a crisp night, and you have all winter long for ring work.

They've been out on a few hacks with various other boarders from the barn, ranging from 45 minutes to over 2 hours. I am beginning to relax a bit regarding Lucy's limits. I figure as long as she is happy, she is probably feeling fine. I am realizing more and more that the old Lucy, the one who threw tantrums regularly, was probably very uncomfortable. We have not seen a single slice of that type of behaviour since she had the time off.

I've let her go without getting blanketed or wearing any sheets because I really wanted her to grow a winter coat. She impressed me with her fuzz and last night was going to dip into the low 30's so for the first time, I put a sheet on her.


Last weekend I got to go out on a trail ride! Amanda rode Lucy, Maddy rode Brantley, and my barn owner lent me her absolutely gorgeous hunka hunka Dutch Warmblood, Merlot. He is the most polite, handsome, talented, and wonderful boy. I kept looking down at him on our ride and just thinking "I am so lucky!!" We mostly walked that day because Lucy was in raging heat, poor girl, and got a little excited with all the boys around her. She held it together and seemed embarrassed afterward, to be honest.

We were deep in the woods at one point and some guy was walking two humongous Golden Retrievers off leash (of course). They saw the horses and BOOKED it over to us. We were about 50' away from them and they bounded over sticks and bushes and through trees to get to us. They looked like miniature hairy slobbery deer and everyone was like, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Merlot spooked first, but quickly recovered without any major incident. Brantley spooked because Merlot spooked behind him, but as fast as he startled, he stopped caring and then stood with a cocked back leg and a bored look on his face lol. Lucy spun to look at them but didn't carry on at all, just stood there on high alert with an extremely worried look! I don't blame any of them for being alarmed -- the dogs scared the crap out of me! You never know if dogs are really going to run all the way up to you (and attack your horse) or if they're just coming over to say hello in a very excited manner. The owner eventually got the dogs' attentions back on him and they headed out of the woods, and we continued on our ride. After that incident, though, all three horses were model citizens. Lucy chilled out and walked on the buckle with happy ears, and the rest of the ride was uneventful.

Also last weekend, I traveled up to Suffolk Downs Racetrack with my friend Claire, and we attended the CANTER New England Showcase. I think I will post another entry about that because I have so many photos!


Awesome as always. Two photos:


I am feeling sooo much better!! I have a good amount of energy during the day but usually by the time I get home from work and the barn, it's 6:30 and I am totally wiped. I am still very behind on design stuff :( :( :(

I've been taking some photos with my new camera and falling in love with it more each time I use it.

I am at 17 weeks now, and Miss Mini Me is doing just fine. I revealed my baby bump for the first time yesterday at work and everyone liked it! It's still pretty small and cute, and isn't affecting my day-to-day life yet.

here, have a crappy cell phone picture!


  1. What type of dog is Cairo? He looks a little bit like a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but I really can't tell.

    1. Yah! I love Ridgies. My favorite. I have one too. :)

  2. Oh that first pic of Cairo reminds me of a dog I had, and the far away dreamy look he'd get,. And yay for baby bumps! Your entering the best time, between sick and huge lol, looks like your doing great!

  3. Miss mini me?? Did I miss the announcement that you are having a girl? So exciting!! =-)

    1. Yes I guess I never did update with that! Yes it's a girl, and we are so excited!

  4. So when I first read this, I thought it was "creepy cell phone picture" and I burst out laughing. When I realized it was "crappy" I found it wasn't as funny and then really thought about it and didn't know why I burst out laughing in the first place...

  5. thanks for the update. I can see why you are too busy to post.


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