Thursday, November 14, 2013

my girl(s)

Horsie and baby

Tonight's ride was not great. Lucy was in a mood right from the start and had no interest in behaving, especially not on a long rein. She walked just fine but when I asked her to pick up a trot she was an insta-idiot. Every little sound set her off and she really wanted to be bad. So, she got her butt handed to her by moi, and she did a lot of leg yields at all three gaits.

The ride turned out ok in the end. I think this was a night she could have really used some time to either zoom in the indoor and get the sillies out, which I do not like doing but sometimes it's unavoidable, or I could have put her on a line and let her warm up really well without a rider before getting on.

That's right, horse.

She was especially bad at the canter. You can almost smell the attitude here.

Hell yeah, look at that heel. Even out of shape I still know how to stick!

Sigh...I guess every ride post-time-off can't be great.

After this ride, though, I am wondering if it's smart to continue working her under saddle. I think I'll give it one more shot, maybe giving her a better chance to warm up first/zoom. If she's still a wild child, that will be it for me. Not worth the risk.


  1. Cute pictures. I do agree, it's definitely not worth the risk!

  2. Be careful! Hope she's better next time.

  3. its the season...the horses are all crazy right now!!

  4. I would lunge her first. It will really help. So encouraged to see others who choose to ride while "in foal." Makes me feel better about my decision to do the same if I am pregnant some day. That being said, you know your horse best. You'll do what you feel is safe :-)

  5. I quit riding as soon as I hit 15 weeks with my boy, playing with a big, green and sometimes unpredictable thoroughbred was not a game I wanted to chance. If I had still had my old schoolmaster it would have been a different story. Yeah, it stunk not riding for a good 6-7 months, but it was worth it. And, it's amazing how aware you suddenly become of your own mortality when you are a parent!!

  6. Sounds like you're being smart about it. :) you look great!

  7. I agree with you on trying longeing first and see if next time goes okay. If not, I agree, it's not worth the risk. I'm glad she settled in the end. She was definitely showing some attitude!

  8. Wow! I've not visited my blog since I moved to Cali in July. Obviously I've missed a whole lot! Congrats on the baby! :) And agree on the "not worth it" risk. Baby is #1 priority right now.


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