Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One year

This week marks one year since the horrible day Lucy got away from me after being spooked by a dog in the woods during an early morning ride. We were scheduled to participate in a Really Fancy Clinic at Equine Affaire in just a few days, but all that came crashing down when she slipped and fell while running through rush hour traffic. I think that was truly the worst day I have ever experienced with horses. I will never forget running down the road thinking "Please don't let her get hit by a car". That, my friends, is something I hope none of you EVER have to pray for.


 The months following that day were filled with many questions. She had been x-ray'd up the wazoo the day of the accident, and no breaks or fractures were found. Still, something was wrong. Some days she was great to ride and on others, she was awful. Thus began months and months of vet visits, tests, and ultimately a three day stay at Tuft's, where she was diagnosed with a ligament injury in her back.

Then she got lots of time off, and ultimately was cleared to start rehabbing. Two months later, she was cleared to start going under saddle again. She has been doing great for a few months now, and that brings us full circle, closing out an entire year our partnership.

A month or so before the accident; not a care in the world.
About a week before the accident, with Lauren

I have never wrapped, bandaged, cold hosed, cleaned, scrubbed, hand-walked, or medicated a horse so much in my life as I have done in the past year with Lucy, but I am just glad she's healthy, happy, and sound. I am very well-aware that the outcome of that horrible day last November could have been much, much worse.

thrilled to be out handwalking!

As much as I was sad to miss out on riding during my last summer before I would become a mother to my own child, I knew it would be worth the wait in the end. I am very relieved she came back to work with a new, more relaxed outlook on life, because she easily could have gone the other way and been a total psycho!

kind of like this.
I like Sweet Lucy much better.

So here's to you, Honolulu. Please don't ever pull that shit again.


  1. It's definitely been a rough year for you guys. So glad she's happy and healthy now. :)

  2. You have been through the wringer with her this past year - hope the next brings happier times - you have a lot to look forward to!

  3. So glad that is all behind you now!

  4. She is so lucky to have such a devoted mom! Very relieved that this is all mostly behind you now and excited to read about your (much more fun, much less scary) adventures going forward!

  5. That is scary!! I am so happy for you that she is healthy and doing well now!

  6. So glad you have put that year behind you. I can only imagine the panic you felt with her running loose on the road!

  7. Glad that road is behind you. What a scary, scary day. Looking forward to more fun, but less dramatic adventures! :)

  8. We all like sweet Lucy much better :)

  9. What a crazy 12 months you've had! Love Miss Lucy and so happy she's feeling good these days :-D

  10. LOL that last line is the best. It is the worse when they break loose. I have two scares and am very very lucky that nothing happened... rehab takes so long, doesn't it?! LORD. Fragile creatures. SO glad that she's staying sane and healthy for you now :)

  11. Wow, what a year it's been (can't believe it's been that long!)...I miss you and Lucy, boy does time fly. That means I've been with Charlie for a year already. Holy cow! Where does the time go?


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