Sunday, November 17, 2013

another great day!

First, I actually succeeded in getting Kenny to the barn in a somewhat clean ensemble, with the dog; and also I managed to clean the 2" of dirt off Lucy that I found her covered in this morning. I even had to shampoo her legs - they were disgusting!

Maddy took the photo for me and..drumroll please....

everyone's looking (kind of) at the camera!!! SUCCESS!!!
Then I tacked up and had another super ride, and this time, I got photos!

YAY! Good pony! I should go buy a lottery ticket or something.

Then Amanda got on for a few minutes:

AND she got to ride Merlot the dreamliner.

Then Maddy got really brave and decided to jump Brantley over one of the XC fences:

So all in all, it was an A+++++ day and everyone had a super time!


  1. How great everyone had a good time, and you got pics!

  2. Great family photo! I can never get everyone looking that nice all at once :)

  3. Cute pics!! Merlot is gorgeous and Amanda needs to tighten her chin strap lol

  4. Great photos!! I LOVE the first one!

  5. That's one good looking family!!


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