Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You need one of these.

My friend Alicia made me a mini Lucy!

She crocheted it by hand and matched the markings perfectly to Lulu's dainty stripe and three socks.


So is Lucy!

mom I wanna snuggle it!
She is taking orders for the holidays so if you want your own mini version of your horse, email Alicia at Alicia_torres5990 AT yahoo.com. As a bonus, these hand made bundles of cuteness do not cost you monthly boarding fees, do not need their little hooves trimmed every six weeks, do not poop in water buckets, do not bash you in the face when you try to hug them, and do not gleefully roll in the mud upon seeing you approach their paddock wearing breeches and holding a halter.

She has priced them so reasonably that they would also make awesome Secret Santa gifts for your friends/family/CoTH people/barn parties. 

Here is Alicia and her horse Mollie, who is the chestnut mare I rode over the summer while Lucy was still Broken. Mollie moved to a new barn with what is possibly the most gorgeous indoor I have ever seen in my life.

the light! the footing! it was so nice.
And here are a couple nice headshots I got of Mollie, who has two expressions: "I don't give a crap about whatever is going on here and I am going to look totally bored and unimpressed," and, "Oh look how cute and sweet and lovely I am with my pricked ears and soft eyes and super cool blaze!"

Luckily we got the second expression on camera:


  1. I had to do a double take because the indoor at where I board is identical and Molly looks just like a horse that recently moved in - but it is a different place! I loooooove the little horse - definitely a wonderful Christmas present idea!

    1. It would have been funny if it was the same barn. It's a small horse world here so I would not have been surprised!

  2. The crochet Lucy is ADORABLE.

  3. AH! I knew Mollie looked familiar. It wasn't the barn, it was the horse.


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