Saturday, May 14, 2011

contest extended - enter before Monday

Since Blogger decided to go on a little hiatus, I've extended the ZINPRO contest until Monday. Leave a comment on this entry (click) t0 be entered to win a copy of their Best of Show nutritional DVD.

In Lucy news, she's been quite a freshie this week. In the beginning of the week, the weather got drastically cooler than it has been and it was like someone lit a match under her heinie. I did my best to make sure we did at least some constructive things, but unfortunately getting her attention required a lot of lunging. I've been trying to back off the lunging lately, because I know how hard it is on joints and I don't want to run her into the ground. On the same note, I also don't want to get tossed, so some lunging here and there is necessary for her to take the edge off.

Yesterday it was pretty warm outside and I thought I'd school her over a few baby crossrails. She warmed up GREAT, was so relaxed and happy, and jumped the first three crossrails well. Then we trotted down a line to a single crossrail with a flower box between the poles, and might I add that we have jumped this before, along with other flower box jumps, and had no issues. Well she trotted eagerly toward it and then at the last second looked straight down at it, slammed on the brakes, dropped her head, and off I went right over her neck and onto the jump.

I knocked the whole thing over. I had fake flower petals down my shirt. My left shoulder was on fire.

I was SO mad, and now not only was I bound to get back on and try again because a dirty stop like that is sooooo unacceptable, but I also had to get back on and try again because I FELL OFF.

Long story short she finally went over the flower box but in the fall I really screwed up my left shoulder. I will give it until Monday and go see the doctor if it still hurts this bad.


  1. Well crap. I hate it when the catch us like that. I hope your shoulder is just bruised and feels better quick. Try soaking it in a hot bath with lots of Epsom Salts. Good for all sorts of injuries.

  2. Kate! I hope you are OK! Bad Lucy, bad!

    I'm passing on entering the give-away because Paj has so many food allergies, I can't make changes to his diet, so it would be wasted on me. :(

  3. sucks when they pull a quick dirty stunt like that. I hope your shoulder heals quick and it's nothing serious.

  4. Oh no.. hope it's just badly bruised and it starts feeling better soon.

  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the well-wishes! I am feeling a lot better today :)

  6. ugh i hate that. I fell off for the firs time in 6 years on saturday and hit the fence with my back full for force. feel you on that. Hope youre feeling better!

  7. I totally missed this post somehow! I hope your shoulder is feeling better now. What a naughty girl! I'm glad it wasn't worse. And GOOD FOR YOU for getting back on and drilling in her mind that that is NOT acceptable!

  8. Ouch! I have seen that happen soooo many times and that is what scares me about jumping! Can't fight physics....


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