Sunday, May 22, 2011

little update

This week was more or less consumed by rain and the kitchen in progress. Good news is that we have cabinets! And they're up! So my fridge is finally out of my living room, the new dishwasher is installed *and working!!!*, and the stove is plugged in again. We have to wait two weeks for the countertop and then we'll do the floor...but at least it's looking slightly better than a construction zone.

My shoulder bothered me all week so I finally went to the doctor and he gave me the sad news that I have most likely torn my rotator cuff. Either that, or I dislocated the shoulder and popped it back in to place in one fell swoop in the fall. I am having an MRI tomorrow to see what the deal is. BLAH!

I was a bad, BAD patient yesterday, though. I was so bored, feeling fat from not riding, and it was a gorgeous day. I *may* or may not have ridden!

That's right: I dusted off the Western saddle and we bombed around a bit. She was a very good girl. Maybe she feels bad for hurting me last week....nah, probably not.

After my ride, I went down to the fields with Claire and took some photos of her and Boe:

I am sore today so I will wait until the results of the MRI tomorrow to ride again, just in case. Instead of riding, I groomed Lu really well and banged her tail. I also pulled her mane, which resulted in a broken crosstie (hey, I'd rather buy a crosstie than a new leather halter!) because I got too close to her ears and she had a meltdown. I have basically given up hope that she'll ever get over her ear thing. I want to punch whomever twitched her ears...or twist their ears until they squeal.

I still haven't received the DVD's from Zinpro but as soon as I get them, I will send them out to the winners. Thanks for sending me your addresses! Jessica, yes I already had yours :)


  1. I can't get over how gorgeous your barn is. Love it.

  2. Great photos... It sucks that you got hurt. I know I'm late to the party, so I"m hoping that by now you're healing nicely and maybe the next post will have you back in the saddle, for real!


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