Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GREAT news!

There is no tear, only a "moderate" bone bruise on the head of my humerus, with edema (a collection of fluid) around the shoulder joint!

This sounds bad but really, it's GREAT! That should heal in no time and I am totally cleared to ride and do whatever I want! I am doing a half day at work tomorrow so I can spend alllllll afternoon at the barn with ponykins.


The past two days I've taken Cairo to the beach after work and barn chores. The weather here has been so beautiful and I figured if I couldn't spend it in the saddle, I'd at least enjoy the beach! Cairo can go on the beach until Memorial Day, which is this weekend, and after that there are no dogs allowed.

Here are some photos of her enjoying herself:


  1. Love the shots of your dog on the beach. Do you ever ride there?

  2. Olivia, thank you! I haven't ridden there in the past but it is open to horses in the winter months.

    Barbara, I know! I was like PHEW!! haha. I am really happy. I have felt pretty good all week but then I woke up in pain the night before last, so ultimately I decided to wait until I knew for sure that I wasn't doing any more damage by riding.

  3. What a blast for Cairo! Great pictures.

  4. yay! So glad to hear you'll be ok! It's so great that you can take your dog to the beach. With all the beaches around here, there are only a couple where you can take dogs. Cairo is beautiful!

  5. Just getting caught back up with your blog, so happy you don't have anything seriously wrong!


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