Monday, May 30, 2011

Suffolk Downs

Kenny and I spent most of the day in Boston at Suffolk Downs Racetrack. This is the track Lucy retired out of so I more or less spent the entire afternoon imagining her prancing down the track ready to race, and walking in circles around the paddock as last minute prep work is frantically completed, then having a 115lb jockey hoisted up on her back, then making her way out to the starting gate, and then thundering down the track toward the finish line.

There were some NICE horses there today. Some did not want to be racehorses. Others were in their element. I just hope that when their racing days are done, they all find good homes.

This grey was one that didn't want to be a racehorse. He was soooo pretty, too.

YIKES, do they have enough stuff on that horses face?

This horse required three people to get a saddle on him.


  1. I've always enjoyed horse racing, such georgeous animals. I would take that gray one in a heart beat. And like you, I hope they manage to live out a wonderful life with kind owners. I hear so much about the dark side of racing that sometimes it's hard for me to get behnd it too much. Do you have any pictures of Lucy when she was racing? And she is deffinately one of the very lucky ones. :-)

  2. Just babies...
    I know Laz raced well, but I don't think he truly enjoyed it. He came to me with a platter full of anxiousness. What about Lucy?

  3. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. Yes I have her one and only win photo. Here's the post where I talked about it:

    Kristen, Lucy had a whole host of issues when she first came to me. She wasn't very anxious because she was half-starved and had no energy to be anxious. As she gained weight, though, her quirks came to light and it became apparent that she had probably not been treated very well while at the track. Some research into her past confirmed my assumptions and I found out her trainer was one of the more shady trainers on this circuit and wasn't really known for his horsemanship. Poor girl.

  4. I have never been to a TB track. This post makes me want to go.


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