Thursday, April 18, 2013

a date with Tufts

Lucy's vet appointment yesterday went really well, in that the vet found her ovaries to be totally 100% normal. Yay, another thing NOT wrong with her!

He palpated her spine and her reactions went a bit like this:

withers: la la la
thoracic: la la coookiezzz
lumbar: la la wait a second...
sacroilliac: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!

No really, her hind feet missed the vet by only a few inches. Yeah, not a happy horse at all.

So, Lucy will be going to Tufts in Boston for a bone scan on Monday, and the vet thinks she will probably need her SI injected. I am tired of chasing random "maybe" tests around, and I am ready to bring out the big tests. Thank goodness for insurance. I just want to get out and enjoy her again!

I am glad a vet finally listened to my concerns about her hind end. I wish we had gone this route sooner, but hey, now I know her repro system works just fine.

Lucy with some happy juice flowing through her veins

Cairo refuses to share her back seat with beet pulp


  1. When Finn had his SI's injected I had a totally different horse two weeks later. I can't believe you haven't gotten an answer yet... I really hope this is it!!!

  2. Hope that you get a solution. Yay for working lady parts though! You are slowly weeding out all of the potential issues... It's great that you have insurance. Do you mind my asking what company you use? If you find them reasonable? Etc? I am considering getting insurance for Houston too.

  3. I'm glad you are finally getting some answers. I hope this makes all the difference for her. I think you should do a post on equine insurance! :)

  4. I hope this is the answer you are looking for and I agree with Alanna, make a post about your experiences with insurance!

  5. Hope this is the answer, you guys deserve a break!

  6. I'm so glad you found someone willing to seriously look into her hind end.

  7. Hope you find a solution! I'm going through the same things as you right now...

  8. Yay. It wont be long now till you find whats bothering her.

  9. Good luck with your bone scan! I was so glad I did one for my horse, Stampede and got the answers I had been searching for way too long!


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