Monday, April 29, 2013


Not much exciting going on, since Lucy's three main jobs for at least the next two months are sleeping, eating, and pooping. Tough life, huh? She has easily gotten into the time-off-groove and spends the afternoons sunbathing in the warmth of the late Spring sun. Today I caught her kneeling down on one knee, front end twisted in an unnatural position, head jammed under the fence, eating the grass on the other side of the fence. I was like, huh, that does not look like a horse that has back pain. Not to say that I am going to get on her a second too early, but I am glad that she's feeling good enough to stretch like that.

I, however, am going nuts. To have battled through the whole winter, blizzards and all, just to get to the nice weather and then not be able to ride, seems unjust at best. This past weekend we had two pristine blue sky/70 degree days and what did I do? I cleaned Lucy's stall and swept out the barn. FUN. Oh, and I paid board. Even MORE fun. I really want to go for a nice trail ride, or take a lesson, or go to a clinic. I had applied for the USEA Area 1 eventing scholarship when Lucy was feeling good, but after the news from Tuft's I sadly withdrew my application, since my horse will be broken for the majority of the summer.

When I told my friends that Lucy was out of commission for a while, one of them offered to let me ride her mare at the upcoming RISPCA benefit ride that I do the T-shirt design for every year. I am thrilled about this, because this is a really COOL mare and I am sure we'll have a ton of fun together! I am very grateful that I won't have to sit this event out.

Beyond that, though, I'm not sure what will happen. I may be getting a little project horse to ride, or if that doesn't pan out I will just find a barn I can take lessons on a school horse at.

I loved keeping up to date with the action at Rolex this past weekend. I hope next year I can attend in person again. Here's a contest that Hillary from Equestrian at Hart is hosting, and it's Rolex-themed!


  1. glad you will be able to find some ways to still ride. I can't imagine the frustration of owning but not able to ride.

  2. It's frustrating to have nothing to ride (I'm in that boat too). Best of luck and I hope a catch ride finds its way to you soon.

  3. Just not fair to have beautiful weather and no horse to enjoy it on.

    I received my prize in the mail this weekend! Thank you so much and can't wait to try it our on Riva's grass stained legs and tail!

  4. Definitely a bummer not being able to ride in the beautiful spring weather. Hopefully the R&R will do the trick and you guys can get back to work soon!

  5. You left peeing off the list!
    It's tough that Lucy's laid up. You are such a nice rider, I'm sure rides will find you.

  6. I am glad that you guys have a plan for getting Lucy better but understand your frustration. Hope that you are able to find fun things to ride in the next few months :)

  7. Heres to Lucy healing fully and both of you not getting to bored in the process :)

    That is awesome that you get to ride your friends mare!

  8. Glad Lucy is enjoying her time off - even though it must be frustrating for you.


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