Thursday, April 11, 2013

so this is what it's like to enjoy your horse

Another great ride on Lucy last night! My barn owner, P, and I went for a trail ride. Lucy was so good and we had a nice trot and canter in the field! On the way home, she was happy and relaxed. We even hopped over a little log and she cantered away happily. Then I found myself musing about upcoming schooling events, and I went home and applied for our Area 1 USEA Scholarship. Oh no, here we go again!

On the way back to the barn yesterday, we passed a couple walking whom we had also seen the day before, when she was acting insane. The girl commented, "better today?" and P laughed because I had just finished telling her what a nutter Lucy had been the day before! I said, "see, I wasn't lying!".

Lucy got her first dose of Doxy last night to treat the Lyme, and she gobbled it right up with her dinner. She gets one scoop twice a day, so she'll get it with her breakfast and dinner. Whenever she's on any kind of antibiotic, I also give her probiotics to prevent any digestive issues.

best view
The temperatures fell and we went from 80 degrees to low 50's, and tomorrow we'll be back in the 40's, so she'll probably be WILD again.


  1. So happy to hear you've had some great rides!

  2. It makes SUCH a difference when it's fun! I'm glad you're enjoying her!

  3. Glad she was a good girl! It should be fun

  4. good to she she's at least enjoying the warm weather. I agree, its so nice to at least sometimes get to enjoy riding ;)

  5. Yay Lucy! Keep up the good behavior, girl.

  6. The weather here has been crazy this week! Upper 70's to 30's - where is Spring? Good girl Lucy!


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