Thursday, April 18, 2013

sale on saddle pads

To help pay this newest massive vet bill (insurance will cover the bone scan but will not cover any injections and the vet guesses she'll need her SI injected), I am having a 25% off sale on saddle pads.

Gear up for competition season, get matching pads with a friend for hunter paces this fall, or start your holiday shopping early...please ;)

Current pricing is:

A/P Saddle Pads: $55 for one-sided pads, $85 for two-sided pads.

Dressage Saddle Pads: $60 for one-sided pads, $90 for two-sided pads.

So 25% off those prices is a pretty good deal!

To order, send me an email at

a custom pad I painted


  1. So I'm looking into insuring my mare for mortality + major medical. Is it worth it? Or are there too many loopholes. I was specifically looking at Broadstone and Hallmark...

  2. I wish that I already had a full time position secure. Houston badly wants his own custom saddle pad... He told me so ;)

  3. I love your pads!! Wish I could buy one! :)

  4. I wish I wasn't in the middle of my own vet bill fiasco because I've really wanted one of your saddle pads for awhile :s

  5. Stupid medical bills... I really want one for my sale horse :(

  6. If I get the job I just applied for, I'm going to get one. I have my fingers crossed because I've been lusting after these for awhile. I asked my tens of readers to come check them out too. :)


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