Friday, April 12, 2013

it's only a waterbottle...

Poor Lucy.

Unsuspecting, sweet Lucy.

I decided not to ride yesterday, and instead, I brought some water bottles to the barn:

looks harmless, no?
 Oh, and then I tied one of them to my horse.

Oh and then I made her move.

She was a little upset at first but then relaxed and did quite well! I did this because she gets very worried about sounds coming from behind her, and she does not like when something gets caught in her tail in the woods and it gets dragged. I'd also like to teach her how to drag a log or something with weight, so this was kind of the first step to desensitizing her to having something bouncing along behind her.

good horsie.


  1. Ha. For a second, I thought you tied a literal human to Lucy's tail. Ooops.

  2. I love the series of photos -- her expressions are priceless! It's almost like you can follow along with exactly what she's thinking: "WTH?!" - "Umm...this isn't cool" - "I hate it!" - "Oh, well maybe it's not so bad" -"Ok, I'm tired"

  3. Love this! May have to pull it out for Koda...

  4. Hahaha mean mom!!! Totally kidding I love that you work through these things cause it makes such a more well rounded horse!!

  5. I love the progression through the pics. great idea to use water bottles

  6. When I was helping to teach some ponies to drive, we tied tin can to them. They make quite a scary racket on pavement;)

  7. For some reason all of the pictures are showing up as question marks besides the 2nd (water bottle). Sounds like an experience though!

    1. hmm they are working for me - are you somewhere that blocks photobucket?

    2. I can see them now so I don't know what was going on.


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