Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring in New England: from snow to 80 degrees in less than one week

Other than me sucking at updating lately, everything's going well. Lucy is back in work and showing no soundness issues so far. We had a super ride last night so today I tried a little trail ride. She was great going out, but coming back toward home she was a prancing, fire breathing beast. We had to stop to let a few bikers and hikers go past us and as soon as I got her to halt, she started pawing the ground. She was so naughty at one point that I made her do half pass all the way down the trail until she behaved enough to go straight.

Her Doxy arrived today so she will start that tomorrow. Woohoo!

I had to go to the vet this weekend to pick up a shot to give her on Saturday that will make her go into heat by Wednesday, when the vet is scheduled to come out for the second round of Spring shots and also ultrasound her ovaries again. If everything is truly normal with that right ovary, it will produce follicles. So either we will rule out any repro issues completely, or a spay will be back on the table. Fun times! The shot says on the label "Will cause cramping and sweating." I feel really bad for Lucy; it's going to be like the worst PMS and cramps ever. Poor thing. I asked if I should give her Banamine and they said no, so I got her a big bag of carrots from the local growers as a consolation prize. :(

The weather has changed drastically, going from cold and freezing rain and snow to 80 degrees in about a week. I actually had to pull my bug spray out of storage today! I need to dig out Lucy's fly mask. I am thrilled that the good weather and longer days are here.

This weekend I am heading to a local tack sale to sell some of my extra stuff. I hope I can get rid of a lot of it, both because I don't want to lug it all home, and I'd also love to restock my bank acct after the vet fees I've had this month. Ouchies!

Here's a video from last night - we had a great ride!


  1. Vet fees are killing me too, it's that time of year. Hope you get some answers on the spay issue soon!

  2. Both my mares got that shot when we were breeding them. Ella was fine and didn't sweat or show signs of pain. Poppy however was a dripping sweat mess. It's definitely kind of sad!! But it won't last extremely long. Hope she does OK & you get answers soon!

  3. She looks so happy and relaxed in this ride. Fingers crossed that you get some answers soon.

  4. She looks so comfortable and relaxed! Here's to a summer of no vet bills.

  5. Lucy looks super in the video - and a flying change :) So frustrating to wait on answers.

  6. Don't be alarmed if the shot makes her act a little colicky :( we had to give it to our of our mares and the symptoms can certainly make you think they're colicing, but it's normal.

  7. Hopefully you get answers. Hope Lucy isn't too miserable because of the shot :(

  8. Hurray for warm weather!
    Hurray for relaxed Lucy! She looks so nice in the video.
    I'll be thinking of you and Lucy Wednesday.


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