Sunday, April 14, 2013

jam-packed Saturday

I always go to the area tack sales to browse, but yesterday was the first time I have ever gone as a seller. Lauren and I, along with our friend Nate, all split a table at a local sale and I am thrilled to say I sold most of my more expensive stuff! I still had to bring a lot home, but the extra cash will help purchase more hay in a few weeks. I bought one thing: a nice-looking breastplate for $5! The leather looks kind of neglected but with a bit of TLC it will come right back to life.

I got back to the barn around 2pm, and at 3pm, my friend (J) arrived to do some Reiki on Lucy and I. I've never experienced Reiki but I am open to anything. From my very limited knowledge on the subject, Reiki is all about gathering energy and sending it places. J has been working on humans for a long time but wants to start working on horses, so she asked if Lucy could be a test subject. She "read" Lucy's energy, going around her whole body, and said she felt something very powerful just in front of her right hip, high up. She said she wasn't able to tell if it was an injury or something just bothering her, so she sent positive energy into the area. I gave my full attention to the way J was holding her hands, and tried to feel what she was feeling. Lucy started out agitated and untrusting of what J was trying to do, especially when she was next to Lucy's hind end, but after a few minutes Lucy calmed down so much that she was closing her eyes and dozing! She also worked on me a bit and said my energy lacked confidence and I was unsure about a lot of things in my life. Yes, I'd say that is pretty accurate. She gave me a few exercises, not physical exercises but more like meditative things, to try.

After that it was time to give poor Lucy her shot to bring her into raging crazy heat :( :( :(

I felt SO bad, seriously, I have watched this horse go through a lot of vet-related procedures (palpation, clearing out a obstruction during a colic, dental stuff, countless shots, etc) but this was the WORST thing I have ever had to watch her go through. I gave the shot and it went just fine; she was well-behaved as usual. About two minutes went by with no reaction and then suddenly, her whole hind end buckled under her, her head went up and the look in her eye was one of shock and fear, like what the hell is going on back there?! I just about had a heart attack and said to J, who had thankfully stuck around to watch her with me, should I call the vet? And she said, give it a few minutes, let's see how she does.

Lucy got very sweaty - she was sweating profusely on her chest, neck, and ears. Veins were popping out all over her body as if she'd just been for a gallop through the field, but other than the muscle spasms that came every 5-10 minutes for the first 40 or so minutes after I gave the shot, she seemed totally relaxed and continued eating her hay! I had left her halter on in case we had a real issue and I had to get her up or something, but thankfully it did not come to that. The spams were very obvious and looked painful - each time, her whole hind end from her hips backward would contract under her body. Being a female, I have an idea of what she was experiencing but I am pretty sure cramps in a horse are a whoooole lot worse than what I have had to endure. I just hope on Wednesday when the vet re-ultrasounds her, we can either move forward with the spay because that right ovary isn't doing its job, or we can put this whole issue to rest!

Anyway, after about 40 minutes, she stopped sweating and the cramps ceased. J headed home, and Maddy had come to the barn at that point so we both left to get a beer - we really needed it! ;)

In FUN news, my Ninja Rider shirt came in the mail and it is SOOO cute. I debated whether I should get one for a while and then they posted a 25% off sale, and I can never resist a good sale lol. I bought a baby pink t-shirt with the ninja and the grey jumping horse. SWEET!

"Oh, a PHOTOSHOOT? Let me get right in there."

"Well now I see I am not the focus of this photoshoot, only a PROP."

Trying to look more awesome than the shirt.

Trying to cover UP the shirt. She is something else!


  1. Yeeks I bet that was a bit scary. I am glad that she was back to normal fairly quickly. Love the shirt!

  2. Poor girl. That sounds scary. Fingers crossed that the vet will have a definitive answer - and solution - on Wednesday.

    Great shirt! I ordered one too!

  3. Poor Lucy! Love the shirt! I'm going to have to get one!

  4. Poor thing, I think all females have sympathy! Hope it leads to some answers. i really want one of their shirts, so cute!

  5. Wow that sounds scary the after effects of the shot!
    Fingers crossed you get answers on Wednesday!
    Love the photoshoot & quirky scene stealing Lucy! :D

  6. Aye I hope that the vet is able to get some answers and figure out a game plan.

    Caaauuute shirt and yay for selling things!!


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