Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meet Kayla, Lucy's new mom

Today I signed the sales agreement for Lucy, which makes her no longer my horse. I am very sad about this, but also very happy, because her new person is a perfect match. Kayla is head-over-heels for Lucy, and after watching her ride today, I can tell you all that Lucy feels the same. She was so happy and so relaxed under saddle today. Kayla rides with Morgan so Lucy gets to stay where she is, which I am relieved about. I know she will be well taken care of and want for nothing. Kayla plans to event her down the road, but is going to take some time to get to know Lucy better before heading out to competitions.

I will probably do a more introspective post when I have time, but for now, I will leave you all with some photos I took of Kayla and Lucy today.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lucy & Life

I sure fell off the face of the planet, huh? Life is crazy, but for a good reason: I got a new job and I am now working full time again. I love my job and I am treated very well there. I am a graphic designer for a local marketing agency. The work is fast-paced and never-ending, just the way I like it! The day flies by. My coworkers are all incredibly smart people and I am learning a lot from them.

With the addition of a 40-hr work week, my trips to visit Lucy have been limited, but I did go see her last weekend at King Oak's horse trial. I drove 250 miles round trip in one day by myself with a dog and a baby in 93 degree weather. It was a LONG day. Lucy decided to pick a fight with the water complex in XC and was sadly eliminated, but other than that the event was a great experience. She put in her best dressage test to date and looked tense as usual, but very workmanlike, and had some really lovely moments at the canter. I was a proud mom.

Here are some photos:

It was extremely hot and humid that day. We were all sweating!

going through the water....finally

We are down to crunch time with getting her sold, unfortunately. If she doesn't sell by Oct 1, she's coming home to me. I feel both elated and terrified that this may happen. I have been functioning well without the responsibility of a horse, and telling myself it's for the best, but you all know that I adore her and miss her terribly. It was hard enough to send her away the first time; I don't know how I would do it a second time.

Several people are going to see her in the next two weeks, so maybe the perfect home will present itself.

Here is her ad. Please share it if you know of someone looking for a horse like Lucy. She is priced extremely reasonably.

I have had the opportunity to go riding with Maddy a few times. There is a Haflinger mare at her barn who is hanging around getting fat (as Haffies tend to do) so her owner has allowed Maddy to ride her, and was kind enough to extend the offer to me. We have been out on the trails twice; yesterday was the second time. This mare is a TANK. She can't be more than 14hh and I'll admit it's really weird to be able to see over a horse's back when I'm standing next to it! I had the most fun yesterday. I actually laughed for half the ride. She was a blast to ride.

Hannah is doing so well. She continues to be the best part of my day, every day. I look forward to getting out of bed to see her smiling up at me in the morning, and I rock her to sleep every night. She is almost six months old and is still tiny, but is getting bigger!

Here are a few photos:

With Mini Lucy, made by Alicia from The Redheaded Mare

With my sister-in-law...I love this photo