Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Love Lucy

My Valentine's Day gift to Lucy was a kiss on the nose with red lipstick. She also got some cookies.

When I went back to the barn to feed her dinner, the smooch was still there :)

More snow today! We were supposed to go to Beach Polo in Newport, an event I look forward to every year, but it was canceled due to the existing snow and the impending snow. They're not even going to reschedule it, so I am disappointed. Snow is ruining all my fun!

Should I just cancel all my plans until Spring? Then I'll have a newborn baby and no time for anything else. Sounds about right!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recent artwork

I've been pretty busy lately!

A graphite portrait of Cuna

Hunger Games saddle pad

Shepherd doggie ornament

Pit Bull doggie ornament

Friesian Heritage breed logo pad

RPSI breed logo pad

I love what I do!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Play time

Have some cute photos from the other day, when Brantley and Lucy got to have play time in the biggest grass paddock:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Spring tease

We had a beautiful weekend with almost Spring-like weather and I took full advantage of it! I cleaned Lucy's paddock to perfection, finally, and washed her legs and tail. She has a small mystery swelling on her RF (why is it ALWAYS the right front?!) so I've been treating that with Furazone, standing wraps, and cold therapy. It is looking better each day and she hasn't been lame on it at all, so it's not really on my list of stuff to worry about.

I lunged her yesterday in the Vienna reins and she had a very level mindset, so I got on to cool her out. We mostly walked but had about a two minute trot session, which didn't last very long because I immediately had to pee (yay 7.5 months preggo) and I also have almost no functional abdominal muscles so posting was a little bit difficult! She was a perfect lady and didn't put a foot wrong.

Today it snowed all day and I think going from 50 degrees and sunny to cold and snowy in less than 24 hours is borderline torture, but there you have it. This whole week is supposed to be dodgy weather-wise.

Kenny and I took Cairo out for a walk in the snow this morning and she had a super time.