Monday, March 31, 2014

Pony meets baby

Lucy really just wanted to nibble on Hannah's feet!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Life is settling down gradually, and Kenny and I are finding our parenting groove. My body did not make things easy, unfortunately. I had a massive hemmorhage in the hospital the night I had Hannah, and then another one the day after I was discharged, which resulted in another night and day spent in the hospital. Eventually, my body stopped trying to bleed out and I was able to return home to recover. I have an even longer list of restrictions now than I did when I was still pregnant, but this time I feel so crummy that I have no choice but to adhere to the doctor's orders.

Hannah is 9 days old today and it's the first day since last Tuesday that I've actually felt kind of like my old self. I even felt well enough to go for a little 15 minute walk and get some sunshine and fresh air.

Just that short walk wiped me out completely, though, so I know I have a long way to go before I can get back in the saddle. I had visions of riding a week or two after having the baby but that is soooooooo not going to happen.

Good thing Amanda and Maddy are still working with Lucy, and word on the street is that she is doing wonderfully. Tomorrow I plan on going to the barn to say hi. It's been ten days since I've seen my horse! That's just so weird.

Here are a few more photos:

first night home!

first bath
My mum took some pro shots for us on Sunday so that I could send out a baby announcement to our family and friends:

I titled this one "milk coma"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

She is here

Hannah Elizabeth Taylor, 5lbs 1oz, born at 4:12pm on 3/18/2014.

She is absolutely perfect.

I had a really wonderful labour and delivery experience, which I'm so grateful for.

More later :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh baby

I really wanted some photos with Lucy and "le bump" before Hannah is born. Maddy was game to take them for me so today I got glammed up (as glammed up as one can get at almost 38 weeks preggo), and brushed all the mud off Lucy.

Here are the photos!

Lucy's tongue should really have its own tag on this blog

I'm anxious for Tuesday to get here (though Hannah will really be born on Wednesday, since I'm not being induced until 4pm on Tuesday). I'm keeping myself busy by doing all sorts of things I'm not supposed to do, like scrub the kitchen floor and clean stalls.

Also, happy 4th birthday to Cairo!

Signs of hope

The outdoor reappeared from beneath layers of ice and snow on Saturday, and I was so excited to see that footing and think of the upcoming season of riding. Amanda and Maddy had the first ride out there and both horses were pretty good, considering they've spent the entire winter in the indoor ring. The neighbour was out making a racket, moving things around, and being "scary", and while Lucy and Brantley looked at him, they got back to work quickly.

Lucy was kind of a huge idiot on the lunge line at first, so I didn't have much hope that Amanda would have a good ride, but I was pleasantly surprised! Lucy was really good, and the two of them looked wonderful. They even had a nice canter!

Overnight, it was back to highs in the 20's, and today was very chilly and windy. Winter goes on and on.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

and then there was Spring!

Spring came and went in about 48 hours. All of a sudden, it was 60 degrees, the sun shone brightly, the horses were naked, the paddocks thawed and produced copious amounts of mud, the horses rolled in the mud, and everyone was happy.

During this time, I was a very bad girl and totally ignored the doctor's orders, and spent many hours at the barn enjoying the sunshine and cleaning. Although, my main order is to not get my heart rate elevated, and to my credit, I dragged all of the cleaning out enough that it took forever but my heart rate stayed nice and low. SO THERE!

I spent an hour of my time yesterday grooming Lucy to absolute perfection, or as close to it as possible when she's still shedding like crazy. I purchased a Sleek EZ at Dover and it took me all of three seconds to fall in love with it. It's a shedding tool but with very tiny teeth, unlike a traditional shedding blade, which Lucy will not tolerate at all. She stood quietly for me to go to town with the Sleek EZ, and I got a lot of fluff out of her! I also pulled her mane to even it out a bit, gave her a bridle path, and clipped her legs. It was warm enough to give her a bath but I opted to wait on that until after the baby. It didn't matter; she looked beautiful.

Then, today rolled around. Once again it was quite warm, so I pulled the horses' sheets when I went to feed them lunch. They were all quite happy to be naked. The two geldings rolled almost immediately but the two mares were very busy stuffing their faces so I didn't see them roll. Later on, though, Maddy sent me this photo of Lucy looking quite pleased with herself:

Yup, that's my girl!

Sadly, the temperature is going to plunge tonight and it's pouring rain right now, so our brief taste of sunshine and warmth is fleeing us for now. Come back soon, Spring!

Amanda rode yesterday and had the most kick-ass ride. I am so glad I went to watch. She rode with determination and confidence, but also a soft touch...just what my princess horse needs! I was so happy to see Lucy going that nicely.

The biggest news is that I have been scheduled for an induction next Tuesday so by Wednesday, Hannah should be here! I am so excited for this to all be over with, and to meet my future pony wrangler.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The countdown begins!

It has been a hectic few weeks, but I'm still here, there's still snow everywhere, and we are still waiting for the arrival of Baby Hannah.

A week or so ago, I had an ultrasound that returned some scary and alarming results, and I was told I'd most likely be induced this past Monday. After an awful and stressful weekend that I spent imagining the worst, I went in on Monday with my bags all packed and that ultrasound looked much better than Friday's, so the doctors opted to monitor me closely and wait to induce until they really had to. I have ultrasounds and non stress tests twice weekly until she's born, and tomorrow is the next one, so once again I'll pack my suitcase into my car, drive up to the office, and see if I'm going to have this baby! Fun times.

Bottom line is that we will most likely meet our daughter earlier than expected (due date is April 3), but as long as she is healthy, I don't care what day she comes on. I hit the 36 week mark today, so though she would still be a preemie if she arrived now, she would be just fine long-term.

The nursery is all done and here are a few photos:

Lucy has taken a seat on the backburner, because I am not allowed to do much of anything. I am not on bed rest but I am not supposed to get my heart rate up at all. I am also on travel restriction so my baby shower that was supposed to be this coming weekend in New York had to be postponed :( My doctor just did not want me to risk going out of state. My main jobs are to sit on my butt and eat. Many people would be happy about this but sitting still is very hard for me to do! I am so grateful that Maddy has stepped up like you cannot even imagine, and is more or less doing all of Lucy's care to help me out. Amanda is also helping out and without those two, I would be much more stressed out! Amanda has been super busy with work but started working with Lucy again this week, which I appreciate very much and I'm sure the horse is happy to have a job to do again.

I could write a huge rant about the weather but the short version is that we are still getting lows in the single digits and there is still lots of ice and snow on the ground. Let me remind Mother Nature that it is MARCH now, not January, so maybe a few days above 40 would be appropriate?! Let's get this crap melted, maybe have temps where a medium weight would be passable overnight so I can finally wash Lucy's disgusting heavyweight that has sure earned its keep this winter, and get the outdoor ring back in useable condition. I cannot wait to get back in the saddle after Hannah is born.