Wednesday, March 12, 2014

and then there was Spring!

Spring came and went in about 48 hours. All of a sudden, it was 60 degrees, the sun shone brightly, the horses were naked, the paddocks thawed and produced copious amounts of mud, the horses rolled in the mud, and everyone was happy.

During this time, I was a very bad girl and totally ignored the doctor's orders, and spent many hours at the barn enjoying the sunshine and cleaning. Although, my main order is to not get my heart rate elevated, and to my credit, I dragged all of the cleaning out enough that it took forever but my heart rate stayed nice and low. SO THERE!

I spent an hour of my time yesterday grooming Lucy to absolute perfection, or as close to it as possible when she's still shedding like crazy. I purchased a Sleek EZ at Dover and it took me all of three seconds to fall in love with it. It's a shedding tool but with very tiny teeth, unlike a traditional shedding blade, which Lucy will not tolerate at all. She stood quietly for me to go to town with the Sleek EZ, and I got a lot of fluff out of her! I also pulled her mane to even it out a bit, gave her a bridle path, and clipped her legs. It was warm enough to give her a bath but I opted to wait on that until after the baby. It didn't matter; she looked beautiful.

Then, today rolled around. Once again it was quite warm, so I pulled the horses' sheets when I went to feed them lunch. They were all quite happy to be naked. The two geldings rolled almost immediately but the two mares were very busy stuffing their faces so I didn't see them roll. Later on, though, Maddy sent me this photo of Lucy looking quite pleased with herself:

Yup, that's my girl!

Sadly, the temperature is going to plunge tonight and it's pouring rain right now, so our brief taste of sunshine and warmth is fleeing us for now. Come back soon, Spring!

Amanda rode yesterday and had the most kick-ass ride. I am so glad I went to watch. She rode with determination and confidence, but also a soft touch...just what my princess horse needs! I was so happy to see Lucy going that nicely.

The biggest news is that I have been scheduled for an induction next Tuesday so by Wednesday, Hannah should be here! I am so excited for this to all be over with, and to meet my future pony wrangler.


  1. Congrats and good luck! All the best to you, Kenny, and Hannah.

  2. Well, Spring was nice while it lasted... I can't believe it's already time to have the baby, it feels like you just told us that you were pregnant. I bet you are MORE than ready though!!! So exciting :)

  3. What a fab way to spend a few spring days. Hope all goes well with Hannah's arrival, keeping everything crossed and wishing you all well

  4. Yay baby so close! Glad you got to enjoy a little sunshine.

  5. OMG so excited to "meet" Hannah!!

  6. Oh you are so close to meeting your little one!! Excited for you guys!!!

    Can't wait to "meet" her too!!

    PS that muddy picture of Lucy cracked me up- aye ponies!


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