Thursday, August 21, 2014

New digs, and life update

First, the big news is that I got a new full time job, so I am back in the workforce and once again running around like a crazy person.

Kenny was able to cut his work schedule back to working just his normal full time hours, which are basically weekend nights, so he can be home with Hannah while I'm out at work during the weekdays. He is loving this new arrangement and I am so happy that Hannah is getting to spend more time with him. I am very grateful that we don't have to put her in day care.

I started my new job this past Monday, but this week and next I am on a 20 hour/wk schedule to ease into it a bit, to make leaving Hannah easier. I very much appreciate the compassion my boss showed when she suggested this, because leaving my baby is hard!!

I had Tuesday off, so I went to see Lucy at her new barn. Morgan moved the horses on Friday, two days before Orchard Hill, and the new barn is absolutely beautiful. Best of all, Morgan is the only trainer, so there are no issues figuring out who can teach at what times. This is a great opportunity for her and I'm so happy and excited to see where she goes from here.

Lucy loves her new living arrangement, especially because she's turned out on grass for the whole day now. At the old barn, she was only out for a few hours a day because turnout was very limited. I know she loves her turnout and I am happy she's not standing in a stall for so long.

Morgan rode her when I was there and she had some very fancy moments!

Orchard Hill Schooling 3 Phase

Lucy went to a schooling 3-phase at Orchard Hill Equestrian Center in Berlin, MA last weekend and kicked butt.

Things were a little hectic in the morning so the only warmup she got for dressage was 3 minutes of trotting. That's it.

Well she went into her test and had one of the most lovely dressage rounds ever. I have no idea what her score was but to me, she looked really wonderful.

Morgan was thrilled with how things went!
Then she went into her jumping round and had a bit of a flail fest. She really needs studs to jump out on grass. She refused the B jump in an A/B combination and Morgan brought her back around, jumped the B jump perfectly, and then was dq'd for not jumping the A and the B jumps. Apparently you have to jump the whole combination again, not just the jump you missed.

Here are some shots from the warmup:

all 4 feet off the ground, and game faces on

This whole venue is on a massive hill; here Morgan was explaining how
to get to the actual jumping ring from the warmup ring

Lucy is a hot tamale warming up, then walks through the woods on the buckle
by herself to get to her jumping round. Go figure.

On course!

They were able to go out and do XC as a schooling opportunity and Lucy was the best she has ever been on XC. She ran out of one jump that was up a steep hill but cruised around the rest of the course. She was in her element!! Morgan was thrilled with her performance. Yes it was a bummer they got disqualified, but they made the best out of the situation and everyone went home happy.

I was really pleased that I got to watch her go at this event. I was in the area visiting my parents and my mum watched Hannah for me so that I could go baby-free. I took Cairo instead, who of course was perfectly behaved, and we had a nice time spectating.

Another cool thing about this event is that Morgan took her new pony, Zen, whom she found chilling out in someone's back yard. Zen is loving her new life as an event pony. This was her first event ever, and her rider's first event ever, and they completed and had a great day! Here they are warming up, though Zen thinks she's warming up for prelim, not elementary:

In love with another mare

Lucy is doing great at boot camp, and I'll be posting some updates that are long overdue, but I have to tell you all about this amazing horse I got to ride a couple weeks ago. She is a 12ish yo TB/Clydesdale cross mare who has been sitting in a field for over a year, and this is how she went when I rode her for the first time (and I am out of shape!):

I mean, HELLO!!!! Look at this horse!

So I know I've said repeatedly that I wouldn't want another mare...EVER, but if I were in the market for another horse, I would love this mare. She is really, really cool.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lucy: back in action

It's been a while since I've updated because Lucy has had some time off to get over whatever she did to her knee. The vet went out and looked at her and prescribed some meds to get the swelling down. There was never any heat or lameness so we aren't sure WHAT she did to it, but the good news is that she is back in work! I got to visit her yesterday, and I got to warm her up for Morgan's ride.

I am soooo out of shape. It's really quite sad. I have been going to the gym but I have had a very hard time balancing my weight with my calorie intake without affecting my milk supply, since I am breastfeeding Hannah. So many people have told me not to worry about it for the first year, but I like being trim and in shape! So this is quite frustrating. I have no stamina for riding. I rode for maybe 15 minutes and got off and saw stars. I had to sit down! Horrible.

Lucy was such a good girl, and was very forgiving of my crap riding. She felt really good.

Hannah helped her daddy take photos

Morgan hopped on and made Lucy look like a million bucks:

Morgan is aiming for a little schooling three-phase next weekend, as long as Lucy doesn't sabotage herself again!

Hannah is doing great. Can you believe she will be five months old on the 18th? I can't!! She is so funny, and so cute. I am still job hunting and have one very serious possibility and while going back to work is a necessity, it's going to be very hard to leave this: