Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Love Lucy

My Valentine's Day gift to Lucy was a kiss on the nose with red lipstick. She also got some cookies.

When I went back to the barn to feed her dinner, the smooch was still there :)

More snow today! We were supposed to go to Beach Polo in Newport, an event I look forward to every year, but it was canceled due to the existing snow and the impending snow. They're not even going to reschedule it, so I am disappointed. Snow is ruining all my fun!

Should I just cancel all my plans until Spring? Then I'll have a newborn baby and no time for anything else. Sounds about right!


  1. Such a cute picture!!! My serious plans have been postponed into warm weather but there's one thing I can't postpone and that's fixing my barn sour "pony" sooo.....I know that feel. ;)

  2. Snow does have a way of stopping the world sometimes, doesn't it? Maybe it is a reminder that we need to slow down a bit. At least enough to give our horses a kiss and some cookies. ;-) Lucy is lucky I kind of forgot to give my ponies extra treats yesterday- I was too focused on my fiance and the baby, LOL!

  3. I'm sorry for all y'all bloggers getting this crazy snow, I can't imagine living in it. But seriously, pending complications, after a few weeks, you'll be up and running with the newborn. You look like you are in great shape, and there's always someone willing to hold a baby while you ride, love on horse, go to events :)

  4. Not even rescheduling?! I don't believe it :(


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