Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lucy was a total superstar today.

She happily walked onto the trailer and though she was a little worried when the butt bar went up, she handled it like a lady and settled down.

She trailered over to the park like a pro, and gently backed out of the trailer and waited for a cookie.

She walked around the park and met all the horses and their people and ate some grass.

She stood pretty well for me to tack up, and had no issues with the bridle even though like an idiot I cleaned it last night and put it back together wrong (sigh) so I had to fix it all when it was already on her head.

She stood quietly for me to clamber on board, and warmed up really really nicely in the ring.

Then she went through the entire trail ride, all two hours of it, cool as a cucumber and walking on the buckle!!!!!! The group of people I rode with could not believe she was a 4yo TB!

Part of the ride took us on the beach and L went into the water, overcoming her aversion to the little waves, all while kids and dogs ran around and jumped all over the place!

When the ride was done, she quietly loaded back onto the trailer and munched hay while we socialized a bit and sat through the raffle.

My framed drawing brought in $75 for the RISPCA and in total they raised over $9,000 :D

In short: an amazing day.


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