Wednesday, October 27, 2010

videos from my lesson yesterday


I am actually a bit sore today! Wahoo!!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

I feel like in some ways we have regressed, but on a positive note, she was "under" me much more than she was in front of my leg yesterday, which is a huge improvement. She does love to chug along around the ring and it is getting more and more easy to bring her back. She was also only marginally fresh yesterday, yay!!

I like how my instructor encourages me to be a little bit demanding of her. She knows what I am asking but blatantly chooses to ignore me, especially when going from the trot to the walk. You'll see I am not exactly pretty in asking her for the walk at times, but that's because she is taking half the ring to stop jigging. That's really annoying! I also like that my instructor makes me sit up and open my hip angle. Those two adjustments by themselves make so much of a difference.

Our wedding dress photoshoot is coming up on Saturday so the rest of the week will be spent bathing her if we get a nice day, making sure she's as tired as possible (which is laughable...this horse does not get tired!) and then I'll braid her on Saturday morning.

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