Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lucy and the Chiropractor

Lucy was seen by the chiropractor today. I was incorrect in guessing she had ribs out, but I was correct in that her poll was out. So were her withers, a few of the vertebra at the base of her neck, and her right SI joint. She LOVED the chiropractor, though. She didn't once pin her ears at him even though he was messing with her head and her flank. She let him push her around and manipulate her to get the adjustments she needed. And she was hamming it up with him big time, lipping his hands and jacket and hair lol. She CAN be sweet, I swear! The first thing he said when I took her blanket off was "wow she turned out NICE!" because last time he saw her was just shortly after I got her and she was an awkward skinny mess from nose to tail. He had me trot her up and down the driveway to see how her hind end was moving and she was so high, with her tail up in the air and I simply couldn't run fast enough for her to really trot out. Boy oh boy!

After adjusting her, he said "I'm surprised she took so long to tell you she was in pain because of your Toulouse. She must really like you because this problem has been developing for a while."

Cue me being all "awww she likes me!!!". Because sometimes I wonder. And she looked at me with her big eyes like, "yes you idiot, I do like you. DUH."

He checked the fit of the Stubben and declared that it fit her really well but needed a few minor adjustments. My saddle fitter is coming out Saturday morning, but I am really glad to know I didn't totally screw up with that saddle. He also said the 32cm tree was a good choice. All things considered, the Stubben fits her remarkably well. It rocks just slightly but that's it. He also double-checked Lauren's saddle and confirmed that it fits her great.

She got the night off tonight and tomorrow we will attempt "long and low" at the walk and trot. By Thursday she should be good to go back to w/t/c.


  1. This reminds me... I need to call my chiro for Oz. I think he re-threw his hip out when I sank him in the mud.

    Glad Lucy liked her adjustment and the new saddle fits well :)

  2. Good-o for Lucy! I'm sure she enjoyed her day more than Mitch did his.


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